When will my SW Calgary home sell?


CalgaryEvery house in Calgary is unique.

Some Calgary properties literally sell within hours of being listed on the market, and some take months to sell, and some homes in Calgary… never sell at all.




I believe there are three primary reasons why a home in the Calgary real estate market does not sell.

  1. It is in poor condition.
  2. The house is priced too high.
  3. There exists a poor housing market.

If your property isn’t sold within 30 days, a price adjustment should be made!

Sold within:
Percentage of Homes
1 Month 40%
2 Months 7%
3 Months 7%
4 Months 20%
5 Months 10%
6 Months 7%
7 Months 9%

Statistics are based on National average of homes sold.

If you want to come up with a customized real estate marketing plan and get your SW Calgary home listed for sale and sold quickly give me a call to discuss your options.